connecting and physicality

My walks often take me through the graveyard near to my flat. It's on the other side of my favourite park in the city; Balgay features two hills connected by a blue bridge, one with the observatory on top and the other with the graveyard. Walking all the way to the west end of the graveyard brings you to a beautiful view of the Tay River and across to Wormit and Balmerino in Fife.

Ruby - Dundee - 13/5/20

I'm still shooting with my film cameras, even though I can't get the rolls developed. I think it will be interesting when I finally get back to the darkroom to see the things I'm taking photos of just now. I already can't remember what's on half of the film I have waiting to be developed. I try to take pictures on my phone of the same thing so I have a comparison but I tend to forget.

I really miss the smell of developing chemicals and sitting waiting for the slides to go through the scanner. Sadly, I never got the chance to use the facilities in HUFA besides the scanner, but those mornings in the dark room in DJCAD were some of my favourites last semester. As it was only open until 12, I was always in before the majority of people. I would get a roll stabilised and hung up to dry, then go for a walk to get a coffee, come back to pick up the dried film and head upstairs to the scanner and start the scanning process before any of my friends came into studio. It was nice to have some time to myself and I always felt accomplished.

some photographs from last semester

I think these walks during lockdown have replaced the darkroom as my way of getting time to myself. They have allowed me to make connections to my physical existence in a space. I've realised I really miss the making or preparing a piece of work; using my hands to sculpt clay or physically developing my photos. I feel a yearning for craft, the physicality and materiality of a clay pot or a roll of film, and the connection I can make to pieces through my hands.

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