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Now that it is coming to the end of the college year, and we are turning in our last assignments, it has become even more real to me that we won't get to finish this erasmus year as it started, together, in Budapest.

I remember when the college closed first, each day I would wake up in my room in Budapest and think, maybe today is the day that it will all be over. However, after a few days like this, it became evident that no one could truly know how long quarantine would be happening for, and when Hungary announced it was closing it's borders, I decided to book a flight home.

Deep down I knew that I probably wouldn't be able to get back to Budapest before the college year was over, but I was still hoping it could happen, imagining what it would be like for everyone to get back together again to finish the year together.

I miss Budapest, the people I met there, the college, and the little apartment I stayed in.

I have been thinking of the months missed of new experiences, of strengthening friendships, and all of the unknowns that we didn't get to see.

Jessica Dunne

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