This drawing was made on February 12. It was a joke about the fact, that we were eating kebab almost everyday with my roommate. It kinda become our motto. We also had our favourite kebab restaurant. The guy there started to recognize me and call me "bro". We basically became the regulars. Then everything closed down. Few weeks later, home university of my roommate decided that he must return back to Japan.

Last week I stepped out of the bus. The bus stop is in between my flat and the kebab restaurant. I smelled the kebab again. I thought it was just in my head, but just to be sure I walked back. Then I saw it. I almost cried. Later I sent my roommate this photo:

His reaction was same as mine. Well almost the same, because he started to swear about corona. The point is that despite the fact that my story might disgust you (by how unhealthy it is to live like this), but it is still the brightest sign, that things are slowly going back to normal.

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