Each day I take the same image, from the same place. This place is my street and this image is the one I see every day, from my window without the possibility of changing. I want to work with this image of image because I can't do anything about it, it's always the same from here, so now I don't want to go down and capture from an other point of view as if I was trying to know too much. I wanted to take an interest in it and I drew it, but once again, was it not selfishly that I wanted to necessarily bring something from me to it? To recreate it with my tools? It doesn't need it I think. I only capture it, and, after viewing the different takes of these, several differences appears. I never took it at a specific time, and I don't want to, it would be like waiting like a stalker for the moment that I wait from it, to steal something at the right time. I asked myself the question of what influenced the shoot, only the shadows indicate to me that a certain light calls. Time is the only choice I have today, I'm looking for profitability, to spend it, to make it productive, to optimize it, so for it, this image image I don't want to count, it would be like put it in a mechanical action box that I do to fill this time.

Bertille Raou-Bouvier

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