Updated: May 19, 2020

I arrived on March 18 in Jerez de la Frontera, Spain. I was in Erasmus in Budapest but due to the corona- virus I had to go home.

The entire world is quarantined by a virus, everything seems like a movie, we thought we were indestructible, but this has put our feet on the ground. The days go by, exactly the same, maybe one day is cloudy and another sunny but little more.

Every day that passes I make a line with chalk on the metal door of my garage that faces the street, since I don’t know what day I live and so I can at least keep count.


My name is Julia Sangil Pellón, and I am 21 years old, I was born on March 18, 1999 in Ronda, Málaga (Spain). I am currently studying Graphic Design in Madrid, but this year I was in Eras- mus in Budapest (2019-2020). I grew up in Jerez de la Frontera, a beautiful city of Cádiz, there I spent my childhood surrounded by Art, because my parents are also artists. I studied Artistic Baccalaureate, and that’s when I realized that I liked design.

I am very interested on traveling and learning from other cultures, I am very concerned about the health of our planet and I would like to be able to collaborate in taking care of it, getting a more respectful society.

Me llamo Julia Sangil Pellón, y tengo 21 años, nací el 18 de marzo de 1999 en Ronda, Málaga (España). Actualmente estudio la carrera de Diseño Gráfico en Madrid, pero este año he estado de Erasmus en Budapest (2019-2020). Me he criado en Jerez de la Frontera, una bonita ciudad de Cádiz, allí pase mi infancia rodeada de Arte, ya que mis padres también son artistas. Estudié el bachillerato artístico, y fue cuando me di cuenta de que me gustaba el diseño.

Tengo mucho interés en viajar y aprender de otras culturas, me preocupa mucho el deterioro de nuestro plantea y me gustaría poder colaborar en remediarlo, conseguir tener una sociedad mas justa y respetuosa.


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