garden renovation

Ruby - Dundee - 4/5/20

Day One 7/4/20

Picking litter and clearing as much dead plants as we could.

Didn't have any garden equipment yet.

Wore rubber gloves and filled 4 black bin bags.

Things found:

  • used syringes

  • blue string

  • beer cans

  • lots of glass shards

  • slate

  • burnt wooden planks

  • cigarette ends

  • various other plastics including cable ties, water bottles

Day Two 10/4/20

Pulling up weeds.

Had bought a rake, trowels and shearers.

Definitely most demanding part, the roots of the big weeds were so thick and even the smaller ones had massive root systems.

Things found:

  • old coin

  • blue glass counter

Day Three 11/4/20

Continue clearing weeds.

Making progress , can see most of the chuckies underneath.

Piling everything at one end for the time being.

Things found:

  • orange glass counter

Day Four 15/4/20

Bought gardening gloves finally.

Borrowed Jamie's dad's electric strimmer. Managed to feed extension cord through a neighbour's flat.

Cleared most of the last little weeds.

Started redistributing chuckies.

Strimmed back some of the really long grass.

Still a lot of over growth on far side but looking a lot tidier.

Waste pile getting very big.

Things found;

  • blue and white marble

  • dog shit

Day Five 19/4/20

Bought potting soil, sweetpea seeds, nasturtium seeds and mixed wildflower seeds.

Raked away all the chuckies from 2 small spots and mixed some compost soil in with the really terrible soil already there.

Planted sweetpeas and nasturtiums into spare pots I had in the flat and planted the wildflowers in the fresh raked beds.

Made a make shift watering can from an old 2 litre bottle of lemonade with holes stabbed in the top.

Evened out chuckies.

Day Six 24/4/20

Bought some mixed planters, geraniums and marigolds and a watering can from the garden centre.

Planted them up.

Ran out of soil.

It's been a while since we've done anything more in the garden. It's tidy enough now to sit in when the sun's out.

Our plan now is to get some more soil and finish planting up the marigolds and geraniums. We also hope to get some herbs; mint, rosemary, thyme, and some lavender.

Our neighbours have been building a wooden platform sort of like a small decking space. It's nice to see more people giving the space some attention.

One minor setback has been a local cat, who has taken to using our wildflower beds as a personal litter tray.

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