In The Castle

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

Pest, 6th district, 20/04/2020 Ine Van Horen

One year ago I travelled to this city by airplane, it was called a city-trip. That doesn't exist anymore now.

We biked and just went to places.

In the castle I asked this Italian man, with a much better camera than me, to make a picture of him.

He showed me his pictures, and they were very well lighted. He had a great closure time, and the photo on his screen didn't looked like the view in real life. It took me three other shots to have finally this one.

I like the blue pipe-line the most.

April 2019

The reason I wanted to have this person acting in my picture, was because of the medium photography, and what he is seeing through his lens and eye. A year before this, I was photographing this man, and waiting long to make one shot.

Then as if he felt that I was picturing him, he made this move towards me, using his lens to capture me. I need to reload the disposable camera very soon.

The other image is him looking to his bird.

June 2018

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