My window has become a very important part of quarantine for me. Now that the weather is getting nicer, sitting by my open window and feeling the sun on my cheek is an activity I place high on my list of things to do.

Ruby Leeson - Dundee - 18/04/20

I found two small pieces of old lino offcuts when I was cleaning my desk out. I decided to make a linocut of the view from my window. I only have green and black printing ink so those are the only colours I can use.

I thought I could use this for the outdoor installation. I used the other lino for some text and will hang the prints on the washing line in our overgrown garden. I also had some canvas offcuts I had saved; the canvas has a more domestic feel than paper, and this is an important theme for the work to hold.

The photographs I plan to take will have my bedroom window the the background.

These prints represent what quarantine has been for me so far. It has been a very internal experience in the sense that I have had a lot of time for self reflection. However, I have also had time to channel energy into my external appearance and into my living space. My space has been extremely important for me, obviously with spending most of my time inside, I have needed it to be somewhere I am relatively happy to spend time in. For me, the word 'isolation' can mean several things. In this print specifically, it is about the time I have spent alone inside my own head. The print of the view from my bedroom window represents the external space I have been taking up.

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