Ine Van Horen

Summer started already earlier then now. And the opening of bars and parties started here earlier than in Belgium. When I read the news from my home-country it feels like am reading the past.

There were more cases over there, but also politics was making slower decisions. In Hungary it started more strickt from the beginning and now it has the tendency of being very loose compared to other realities.

We go with a group of friends to a rave and then switch to a more fancy beach bar, Kabin.

There are friends of friends dj-ing. I feel that I am not so able to talk to much, but dancing goes always easier, it feels like one of the only ways where I can express myself much better, the words I voice out are more of a mask.

Some of the group are telling that they are tired, or had a whole day of being hangover and working in their home-office. I cannot imagine how to do that without bursting into tears during the day. When I am tired I feel not myself and feel like I cam not doing what i want to do, so then I`d rather sleep for a whole day and choose voluntary quarantine, then coming out of the house at all. One of the guys is from Sweden and he says that he needs a shot to become awake. We end up at the bar and see this image sprayed on the cabin.

Budapest, Zsilip u., 1138

This will keep us following while having our hedonistics life again. We will have our shots and have fun, but in the back of our mind we will be reminded of the last. I found myself spending a lot of money again to be able to be together with people, while being in quarantine I was seeing some people like my neighbour, but we just had home made coffees and cosy dinners self made. The public life expects us to spend.

While my intimate life is based on other things. I enjoyed watching the sky, my neighbour cleaning out his doormat or placing his chair in the sun, reading at the terrace and saying hi to all the neighbours. Now I lost touch with them again... We will see what happens, and how the upcoming life-steps will bring what I really would like to focus time on.

On top of the tag, I found the visual work I would like to keep on making.

It brings alternative maps that can become an island or a sea.

Looking back to old memories when the world was discussing what back to normal meant


Balcony coffees and drying laundry, the intimate life at Dessewffy utca 39

Walking in the neighbourhood when being a bit nervous for university-work,

but then always finding again why I am here.

Counting the days, 1077 Budapest VII, Wesselényi utca

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