Messages to the people

When the pandemic began in Europe, it didn't take long for Madrid to be one of the most contagious cities, so, among other reasons, I had to go home. The corona virus has made Spain, and especially Madrid, a complete chaos. People are terrified, I constantly hear how we are comparing what we are living with times in war. I do not know very well how to describe this situation we are living, but I think it is very different from the situation in Budapest or anywhere else. So with this I decide to make these diaries a project to get to the people, I want to be able to send messages that people read and somehow contribute something to them. We are living a very isolated and lonely stage, it is being hard and it is being difficult for all of us to be so far from the others. This is why I decided to focus this project on placing posters with messages on the streets of Madrid for those who pass by to read them. Maybe with it they feel less lonely, maybe someone read them and gets a little hope So, my project is to place posters designed by me in the city, every week I will make a poster with different messages, which are in Spanish because Im speaking to the people here and so everyone who passes by understands them. This week I place two, since last week I could not place any. The first one says "QUEDATE EN CASA"= "STAY AT HOME"

The second one says: "CUANDO TODO ESTO ACABE, OS SEGUIREMOS APLAUDIENDO", this means "WHEN ALL THIS ENDS, WE WILL KEEP CLAPPING YOU". I don't know if it s just in Spain, or everywhere, but since this crisis started, every day at 20:00 people comes out to their windows and balconies to applaud the doctors working against the virus. That is why with the poster I refer to them, plus all those people who continue to work facing the public to make all this possible and a little bit easier.

Soledad Gil-Nagel

Madrid, Spain

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