Ruby - Dundee - 12/5/20

A pigeon couple have chosen the floor outside our front door to build their nest. We've become strangely attached to these two pigeons as they spend time in our close, but it's a really stupid place for them to build their nest. We've tried to encourage them to build it somewhere else by keeping the window shut but they keep finding their way in again, so we have to open the window and guide them out.

In a strange parallel, Kathy and I have been doing some form of nesting in the flat. Maybe it's because we're spending so much more time inside that we're noticing things that bother us, maybe spring has made us broody, or maybe it's because we're simply bored. We have been slowly making our way through each room and each cupboard; cleaning, throwing things out, reorganising and rearranging. We'll start doing something small, then suddenly we're completely gutting a whole room. Last night, we were propagating some plants for the kitchen and it turned into a complete revamp by accident.

This morning I stuck my head out the front door, and sure enough, the pigeons were hanging out on the stairs. The nest is looking much more established despite our best efforts to discourage them. It seems like they are far too stupid to get the message. I elevated the nest with a cardboard box to try and make it a bit safer for them. It's quite a sad collection of debris, mostly broken cable ties. It makes me wonder what it's like to be a pigeon in the city, and the impact man made materials must make on their lives. A snapped cable tie is probably quite similar to a twig to them, but it makes me sad to see them building their nest with plastic.

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