Quarantine time = renovation time?

Being isolated for such a long period of time seems to inevitably generate introspection. We start reflecting on ourselves, our relationships with others, things we want to change in the futute... Change is the word that often comes to our minds, we want to change into a better version of ourselves, we want to live life to the fullest from now on (once things get back to normal, if they ever do).

"When things get back to normal, I will tell every friend of mine how much I love them"; "When things get back to normal, I will become a vegetarian"; "When things get back to normal, I will have a healthier lifestyle"; This list of thoughts could go on forever... I have been having some of these myself.

But the truth is, from my point of view, that when things actually go back to normality, these wills eventually will fade away, or only a small percentage of them will be pursued. Because from what I know about human beings, once we fall into our everyday routines again, we will probably get comfortable and automatized leaving behind all the unfinished "renovation projects".

Here I show you a more practical example of what I talked about. My father just decided to renovate the bathroom (a result of quarantine reflections). My question is: will this project ever be finished?

Will we ever have time to stop and think again?


Sever do Vouga PT


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