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25/05/2020 - Budapest

The calendar read 12th of March on the last day we visited a Playground with my daughter, Vilma.

I had my concerns, but the weather was too pleasant to stay inside. The nurseries were still open during that week, but Vilma was staying home already. Two days later the government closed all schools, kindergartens and nurseries. Vilma’s father is working abroad, and due to the closure of the borders it was impossible to say when he would be able to return. This is how we ended up, just the two of us for the time of the quarantine.

As soon as it became apparent, that in addition to the closure of the Universities, all Kindergarten and Nurseries are shut down, I already knew that my main focus for the coming weeks will be to figure out how to maintain our life and sustain ourselves, physically and mentally, instead of participating in online University classes, Zoom Meetings and working on School Projects. I spent sleepless nights trying to figure out how to make this period bearable for the both of us, how to make up for the missing activities and stimulate my daughter in a confined environment. In addition to planning for food supply and other everyday housework.

Fortunately, the garden of our house has a small grassy patch which belongs to us. Vilma has always been a big fan of the Trampoline, so it seemed like a good investment to buy our own.

I placed the order, and a couple of days later we were ready to put it together. This latter part was the more complex process.

Weather permit, we were jumping on the Trampoline, rode the mini motor in our street and visited Vilma’s cousin, who lives nearby. These were the main activities in the early days. When we went further away from home, we faced an unexpected challenge. In the first couple of weeks, I was afraid to pass by any of the Playgrounds in the neighborhood. How will I explain to Vilma, only a couple of months older than two, that she cannot go and play? I imagined loud and energetic tantrum as her reaction, so I tried to find routes, which avoid any of the well-known playing sites. This significantly reduced the roads we could take.

It turned out later that my fear was baseless. Once I have shown to Vilma the lock on the Playground gates, and as soon as she saw that no one is inside, she understood that we cannot go in.

Our next project was to create a sandbox in our garden. A couple of month ago we inherited an old and used sandbox frame from our neighbor, whose grandkids have grown out of it. With a little renovation, and a couple of bags of Sand, it became usable again.

Soon after the garden developed further, this time with the addition of a chair and table. The spring helped us with its own wonders, we could see every day how the bushes and trees are turning into flower, the arrival and departure of the Green Cockchafers, and the slow motion of the Slugs, after a rain. The garden has another part, still quite jungle like. This is where an old Swing frame is located, maybe the next new/old addition to our Play-Garden….

Tamara Juristovszky

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