the view from my garden is the same every day

Ruby - Dundee - 3/5/20

From the garden you can see my bedroom window; top floor on the left. These photos reverse the view from my earlier posts and depicted in the print on the canvas.

Hanging the canvas on the washing line like laundry reflects how domestic this quarantine has been for me. I haven't liked to go outside too much; I go for walks or skate every couple of days but the energy in the city is uneasy and a lot of people aren't respecting social distancing so it makes it hard to find space and avoid getting too close to people. I have been taking the spare time I'm spending in my flat to clear out and organise spaces I would normally never have an extra minute for; the cupboard in the hallway, my desk drawer, the kitchen cupboards. It has been very important to me just now to be in a space that is comfortable and clean, it will be easier for me to take care of myself if I can take care of my space.

While the weather has been lingering between 10 and 15 degrees, sometimes creeping up to 18 - very warm for Dundee this early in the year - the pull to be outside has grown stronger. However, streets and parks are more unsafe than ever with many people wanting to be out in the sun. We have this ridiculously over grown garden. It's south facing and sheltered from wind by the surrounding blocks of flats so has so much potential to be a great space for us to sit -mostly- in private as the weather gets warmer. It will be a lot of work, but we have taken it on as our quarantine project.

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