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Ine Van Horen

The city became after being all the time in Pest since September, finally bigger.

Moving your body to a space where you normally don´t have acces to, or is known to be overcrowded,

now finally becomes an escape.

I recommend everyone to give himself a day under a tree as a present for their birthday.

Daily or just once every now and then.

Being in this big city and distractions makes me forget what is important for the mind to relax.

Forgetting time and just feeling the sun, the wind, the air, and feeling the material of the tree in your back.

Ofcourse, the work goes on, even if I take a time to relax. Relaxing for me is not really the case, relaxing is thinking, making and reflecting, then doing nothing and then being able to let it sink into the thoughts, all those small actions that happened.

The way is just the way, but obvousily the streets are less densed. The traffic is more relax, and people

aren´t behaving loudly. It´s a sunny day and the city feels like a village with a big scale streets. After crossing te chain bridge, I lock my yelloy bike to the fence, next to this is a container from construction works.

Then I start the climbing upwarts. This gellert hill is a combination of a park and a hill, ready for a lot of people and ready for consumption. On the top there is an angel looking to te Danube, a touristic climax.

Now there are scaters, and bikers. The city can breath, the social behaviour is changing according to the use and the circumsances.

There is a black bird. We look into each others eyes. A small hello.

Budapest, 12 april, Ine Van Horen

I find a broken bench. Ideal for physical distancing.

Since I am interested in design and broken stuff anyway, I tried out a selfportrait of how the body relates to this. Being alone on a socialable object that already has the distance in itsself. The material requires another behaviour of the visitor-public-user.

During the moments in Budapest, I was always atracted to the broken stuff. Things that had other structures. For a long time I thougt it was because I was maybe unhappy. But now I found out it is always the starting point of coming into a creative flow. From the moment I see the cracks and stains, another part than the daily-rhythm get touched in my mind and body and the journey can begin. Leonardo Da Vinci wrote in his Notebooks: "It should not be ard for zou to stop sometimes and look into the stains of walls, or ashes of a fire, or clouds, or mud or like places in wich... you may find really marvelous ideas."

Later, after doing nothing under a wonderful tree, I started walking the shadow of the tree.

Barefoot I tried to walk the streets of this beautiful tree. In front of me people were making pictures. Tourism didn´t just stop ofcourse, our phones didn´t dissapear because of this c-crisis. But all of thet time I wasn´t aware of the landscape that was behind me. I was just so super relaxed and getting sunburned.

During the walks on the cold grass I was gleaning some objects that were laying there, some of them show they are there already for a while. A piece of glass with a sunburned, lightblue eticket, the dops of beers. Some bubble paper, a lot of sigarets, yes, I all touched them with my bare hands, and didn´t had any sanitizer with me. Then I walked back to the tree trunk, collecting them together next to it. It is an hommage to the objects of the past. They will not serve us anymore. I was thinking of my children, that I would like to be able to let them play freely overthere, not needing to be able to be harmed by eating glass or plastic. Also the black ravens where vommiting some of the trash they were eating. We are killing a lot of species with these object from the past. So the closed to myself were my own (imaginary) children, that I wouldn´t want them to be hurt. So these walks on the Tree City Map created this certain consciousness, and then I burried the objects under a stone next to an ants nest. A shrine, a memory, and waiting to be dissolved by time.

If that´s even possible.

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