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Updated: Sep 7, 2020



Liszt Ferenc Airport Budapest

terminal 2B

Ine Van Horen


Hungary giving ambiguous communication. And me too by using airplane (to get back to Belgium; deciding to see family instead of staying. Although the last moments before taking off I was in doubt. Being uncertain to do two projects because of border closure, foreigners are not allowed to get in without a ‘specific reason’. A test costs 240 euros (that’s a lot of food you can buy) and only official while done by Hungarian authorities (?!).

For both projects there are enough wonderful people around to make it happen. @budapest_100 I am standby even though from a distance it’s not easy. We already worked on it and it’s not certain if I might make it back to Budapest.

And @placccfesztival : Blaha Luijza ter and the building will not walk away for the next 30 days, and there is an online solution (more info follows later these days, that sounds pretty much like a governmental covid-speech, right? 😉) .........

Besides all of this personal stuff I want to mention the following important message: The biggest attention we need to have is to the families who are ripped apart because of border closures, war and conflicts around the world. The idea of making borders anyway is a long struggle humans found them stuck into. To divide us by nationalities can work for a while and for certain circumstances but when we look into each other’s eyes it might be the most unnatural humans can do. Let us dream about alternative maps and landscapes with more focus on wellbeing, openess, fresh air and nature.

The city life absorbed me also I realize now. But it was completely worth it to meet so many beautiful people.

So many satisfying conversations, good food and drinks, it made saying goodbye very difficult. I wish all of you to follow your hearts, to shift from old patterns into new adventures. Be there for friends and family and be there for yourself. Be there for strangers. And also to be critical about what is being showed to us daily and shape the reality together. Now I go for a walk in the garden in the country side of Belgium. Saying hello to all the flowers and trees.


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