while waiting to take off



Liszt Ferenc Airport Budapest

Ine Van Horen

Visit.brussels is already transfering the image for the travellers what they will encounter when they arrive in the land of beer and chocolate.

I see what will make me feel home again.

Seeing the statue of Manneken Pis, which is also something I only saw one time as a tourist and a second time as a local living in Brussels by accident, all the rest I have in my head about this statue are reproductions in touristshops and news-items when they dress him for a special occasion, drinking beer, riding my bike, eating fries and chocolate.

We are standing so close to each other.

All wearing a mask.

Hooked into a division of priority or non-priority.

The priority fast-line has less space.

Relay is the shop next to the terminal, a magazine shop that also gives money for weapons.

In the meantime the whole airport is unders construction, to look like a more luxurious space, with palmtrees and blue sofa's; a mix of organised ikea-comfiness. The whole flight was a big transit-dream. When everyone allows himself to sleep with his mouth open, buy drinks in bottles from beautiful women and listen to all the seatbelt-performances going on. When arriving on the ground the feeling of coming home overcomes me more then I ever had before. It is even stronger than when I saw my family back.

It was really the sensation after a long dream, a longer one than just the flight took me to dream and sleep.

From the moment they announced the weather, 18 degrees, feeling this comfort of knowing it is raining, was already enough to feel home, to feel familiar with where I arrived. A land where I grew up, and that I was talking about to people, trying to explain is as many and little stereotypes what the country is about.

When I saw my family waiting for me, the first thing I said was that I was happy and moved by the cold air and soft raindrops touching my skin. Trying to explain it was all good to be away and good to be back home. the rain is not showed in the video while waiting to take off.

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